Search Tips

You can perform searches by entering one or more pieces of information about an account. The more information you enter, the more focused the search results will be. REMEMBER to click the Clear Search button before starting a new search.

Basic Search

Account ID: If you know the Account Number you can enter it here. Format is seven (7) digits i.e. 0123456.

Parcel ID: If you know the Parcel Number you can enter it here. Format: L = Letter -= Hyphen # = digits

City/Town Parcels: L-#### i.e. F-163

Unicorporated County Parcels: #### i.e. 7740

Parcel ID may also have additional -# i.e. F-7030-1

Owner's Name: You can enter the Owners Name (last name, first name) in this field. If the Owner Name you are looking for is Harvey Smith you should enter it as Smith, Harvey or just enter Smith and choose from the list. With Owner Name you have the option of a Normal Search or Advanced Search.

Normal vs. Advanced Search: Normal searches will search for a name in the order you entered it. You will need to enter Last Name first. For example, if you enter: Franklin, Benjamin a Normal search will return the owner(s) named Franklin Benjamin but not Franklin Roosevelt.
Advanced searches work more like an Internet search engine. The order of the words does not matter. For example, if you enter: Franklin Benjamin an Advanced search will return owner(s) named Benjamin Franklin and Franklin Roosevelt and Benjamin Moore. <

Wild Card: The * character is a wild card character. It can be used in both Normal and Advanced Searches. It can be substituted for any other character or characters. For example, if you enter: Frank*Ben* the system will return accounts belonging to Benjamin Franklin and Bennie Frankenstein. This can be useful if you are unsure about spelling.